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After instructions for the sclerotherapy patient:

Congratulations! Youíve taken your first steps in getting rid of those unwanted veins! The rest is easy!

If your legs have been wrapped with an ace-bandage keep the bandage on for minimally four hours or until bedtime. When you remove the ace-wrap you should also remove any cotton balls, cream or tape. If you still have any areas that are itchy, you can put on a small amount of hydro-cortisone cream 0.5% to help relieve those symptoms.

After removing the ace-wrap, you should then put on your compression stockings. It is highly recommended for you to sleep in the compression stockings the first night after your treatment. You should then wear the compression stockings for the next two days- during the day only. You do not need to sleep in the stockings except for the first night.

You canít wear the stockings too much. Most people initially find the stockings somewhat tight and uncomfortable. However, after a few days, the stockings usually loosen up and form to your figure. Feel free to wear your compression stockings everyday if you want to. Many patients actually find that their legs have a lot more energy and much less heaviness when wearing the support hose.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I just sleep in the ace-wraps instead of the stockings?
No. You should never sleep with the ace-wrap. Ace-wraps have a tendency to roll and can cause a tourniquet-like effect. They also donít give an equal graduated compression like the stockings.

Why do I have to wear the stockings?
The greatest effects of the sclerotherapy happen within the first 48 hours after treatment. The stockings make an enormous difference in helping the veins close down quickly and evenly.

What are the restrictions following treatment?
There really are no absolute restrictions. However, it is not highly recommended to take very hot showers or go into a hot tub. This is because heat causes veins to dilate- get larger, and weíre trying to make them smaller.

After treatment is it o.k. for me to exercise? To go on an airplane?
Yes. You absolutely can exercise. However, it is not recommended to wear the support stockings while exercising. Just take them off while exercising and put them back on when youíre finished. And yes, you can fly too! Just remember to wear your stockings.

When should I come back for my next appointment?
It is recommended to come back every week until youíre treatments are completed. However, as most of us can have hectic schedules, it is also o.k. to extend your visits for up to every 2-3 weeks.

What side effects should I expect?
Most every patient will have bruising- and sometimes the bruises can be quite large. This is absolutely normal. It is also normal to experience some swelling, itching, redness and sometimes tenderness to the area treated. All of these are normal as well and should all subside in roughly 7-10 days after treatment. You can take Tylenol 1gram every four hours as needed for pain and/or apply cold compresses to the area of discomfort.

What things should I be concerned about?
As with any procedure, infection is the number one concern. Although extremely rare, and in fact, has never occurred to any of our patients, it can happen. If you develop a fever, red streaks going up your leg, pustulent drainage or severe pain, please call our office so that we can discuss your symptoms. If you do have an infection it can easily be treated with an oral anti-biotic which we would be happy to call into your regular pharmacy.

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